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For businesses in the Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel & New Tampa areas.

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Bravo Landscape truck in front of commercial service customer.

Use landscaping to amaze your customers before they even walk in.

Our commercial landscaping services set out to "WOW" your customers/clients before they ever step foot in your doors. The outside appearance of your business location is just as important as the inside and the services/products being offered.

Working with an experienced commercial landscape contractor like us makes the process so much easier for you. We already know what types of licenses and permits are needed, have the insurance you'll require and know the process well. If you have a commercial property that you need landscaping services for, you can get in contact with us by calling (813) 865-1357.

New Commercial Landscape & Design

Landscape Design & Installation

We'll come to your building, parking lot or any other part of your business and provide a full consultation to learn about your requirements, wish list and any other ideas you may have. We'll use this to come up with a plan that will not only be amazingly beautiful, but also be delivered on time and on budget.

New tree for replacement on commercial property.

Plant & Tree Replacement

Our plant and tree replacement services allow you to switch out some plants without doing a full landscape project from the ground. If you have a few dead/unhealthy plants or simply want a change, we can remove what's already there and replace with new plants and trees.

Fresh mulch around Ixora's on business property.

Mulching & Rocking

Ground covering adds that final touch to your landscaping. For commercial/business landscaping in the Tampa area, you most commonly see red/brown mulch for higher-end jobs. We also offer other ground coverings such as different rocks and bark.

Trimmed palm trees and plants at commercial building.


It's important to keep your trees and shrubs trimmed in order to keep them full and appealing. Many businesses in the Tampa area struggle with this because trimming must be done on an ongoing basis. When your plants are trimmed correctly, they will maintain their shape and fullness for many years to come.

Commercial Fertilizing Service


Besides correct trimming, plants and trees also need to be fertilized in order to maintain that full and healthy look for several years. Fertilizing can be tricky and in Florida, only a certified and licensed professional can apply fertilizer to a commercial property. Contact us (813) 865-1357 for more information regarding fertilizing your business landscaping.

Irrigation running at business location.


Proper irrigation is critical to Florida landscaping, regardless if it a commercial property or private home. Our irrigation services can provide you with a new installation or repair an existing irrigation system. Contact us at (813) 865-1357 to learn about our irrigation services.

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