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Property managers and board members love us, because we get it.

Anyone who has ever been involved in a homeowners or condo association can tell you, finding and choosing your vendors is no easy task. If you're community is looking to choose a new landscape vendor, you should highly consider Bravo Landscape.

Here at Bravo, not only do we deliver amazing results, but we also know the process of working with communities and the hurdles to manage such large projects. We keep the same mindset that every board member has, which is get an amazing result, stay on budget and satisfy the residents of the community.

Tampa Community Entrance Landscaping

Landscape Design & Installation

Providing new landscape design and installation services to HOAs and condos is much different than that of a home or business. With these types of properties, there are many people involved and the risk in significantly increased. As an expert in homeowner/condo association landscaping, we know the processes, carry the insurance required and have obtained the proper licenses and permits.

Besides the logistics of HOA/Condo landscaping services, the landscaping itself must represent the residents and lifestyle of the community. We are experts in landscape design and will create a beautiful design that is unique to your community and will make your residents proud to call home.

HOA & Condo Plant and Tree Replacement

Plant & Tree Replacement

If you have an ongoing landscape contract with us, plant and tree replacement is rarely needed. However, if we're coming into an existing property, it is sometimes necessary. Plant and tree replacement services allow us to replace a small portion of landscape without a full design from the ground up. This is most commonly used for areas where maintenance may have been let go or just need a small makeover.

HOA & Condo Mulching

Mulch, Rock & Bark Ground Cover

Keeping your ground covers fresh is a key way to keep the landscaping in your community looking brand new. Many communities in the Tampa area use red mulch in their landscape beds, however, we also see quite a bit of bark and rock coverings.

We can advise you on how often to replace your ground coverings and how much it will cost. We can also work with you to find alternatives if you're unhappy with your current ground coverings.

HOA & Condo Trimming


The plant and tree trimming is something we see let go in many communities around the Tampa area. It's unfortunate because properly trimming your plants is an easy and cheap way to keep them looking great!

When we're the landscape vendor in your community, we make sure your shrubs and trees are trimmed when they're supposed to be.

HOA & Condo Fertilizing


Much of the landscaping found in homeowner and condo associations around the Tampa area are established with many years of age. However, that also means the plants have been consuming the nutrients in the soil immediately around them for years. Using fertilizer for your palms, shrubs and other trees keeps them full or foliage and color for many more years to come.

The State of Florida requires any vendor that applies fertilizer to plants in your community be properly licensed. Contact us (813) 865-1357 for more information regarding our fertilizing services.

HOA & Condo Irrigation Services


Irrigation systems in HOAs and condos can be a big job. Many communities in the Tampa area have several miles of irrigation pipes beneath the surface. Our irrigation services for homeowners and condo associations is geared toward installing, repairing and managing these types of massive irrigation systems. Give us a call at (813) 865-1357 to learn more.

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